Dr Sarah Lnyy is a qualified General Practitioner in Melbourne and holds a Diploma in Obstetrics with the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologists. Her special interests include skin cancer and aesthetic medicine; student health; women’s health; pregnancy-care and massage therapy in general practice. As a writer, she has several articles published in various medical journals.

In 2012, Sarah and her husband began their IVF journey. The stress and solitude of having these treatments resorted the author to changing her career path. She resigned from General Practice in late 2012 and acquired a small business in beauty therapy and aesthetic medicine. Dr Sarah Lnyy is passionate about learning and teaching. She has recently completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, with the goal of providing quality training to staff members in the medical aesthetic field.

As a medical doctor, she encountered many heart-breaking life and death situations. As an aesthetic doctor, she sees the wisdom and beauty in every face. As an IVF patient, she has first hand experience and insight into the emotional roller coaster of seeking fertility treatments.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, sewing, knitting, baking and cooking with the Thermomix.

Sarah and Sam welcomed their second IVF miracle Zac, little baby brother to Zoe, in November 2016.

From the Author

Two years after we tied the knot, we began trying to start a family in 2008.  It was not until two years later that we were told we couldn't do so on our own.  When we first started fertility treatments in 2011, there were limited resources and I found comfort in writing to my imaginary child through emails.  Fast forward many years later, these letters became words of comfort, strength and encouragement.  

This book is dedicated to those who have helped us through the journey.  Whether it be a silent prayer, a simple gesture, a friendly greeting to the miraculous work by fertility specialists, nurses, doctors and scientists - our heartfelt thank you.  I hope that this book will continue to raise awareness towards infertility and to encourage others who are mapping their own journey. 

-Dr Sarah Lnyy

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