The US Review of Books May 2017:

E-Book Nonfiction

The E-Book Nonfiction category holds nonfiction books published in an electronic format.

Winner 2017

Moving Beyond the Unspoken Grief, Dr. Sarah Lnyy, Dreamstone Publishing - This is a personal journey through the frightening reality of in vitro fertilization as seen through the eyes of a General Practitioner, but from the other side of the doctor’s desk, where she sits as the patient. The book is epistolary in form, emails to the yet unborn child. It details the struggle the parents of the unborn child endure through the process of IVF. It's a love letter to someone who does not yet exist, one with no guarantee they may ever come into being. From the rise of bubbling hope to the visceral plummet of hopeless anguish, Lnyy’s book is a tribute to a child, one yet to be, cradled and thriving in the mother’s mind, yet not manifest in the parent’s flesh and bone. This book is a promise to self, a wish come true, and a testimony of love.

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