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This is a candid and poignant memoir of how lives can be turned upside down in the journey to parenthood. Having a similar journey to Sarah, for no two IVF journeys are ever the same, I can relate to Sarah & Sam's roller coaster ride. For some, it bears rich fruit, for others it can seem a never ending journey. We were one of the lucky few to achieve our dreams of holding our child in our arms. As a medical practitioner, I had advised many on fertility issues but never thought I would end up needing help myself. Sarah articulated the dichotomy between doctor and patient very well. Her writing is easy to read and engaging and had me cheering for her and Sam and I'm very glad to read of their bundle of joys.

Dr Bee Khuu, Specialist General Practitioner.

Infertility is an unexpected, punishing road of confusion, vulnerability and private turmoil.  Sarah generously invites us into her turn on the rollercoaster.  Honest and matter of fact, this diary, peppered with medical notes for the uninitiated, pierces the heart.

Dr Tammy Brinsmead, Neonatologist.

Moving Beyond the Unspoken Grief is a truthful and heartfelt account of a doctor's journey through the IVF process. Although armed with medical knowledge and experience as a doctor, Dr Sarah shows that perhaps there are some things in life for which one cannot be fully prepared.

Ms Agatha Yim, Founder of Little Polly Pictures & Polyphonic Pictures.

I decided to read "Moving beyond the unspoken grief" because while I'm surrounded by friends and clients travelling through the IVF journey, I know very little about it  This book made me laugh and cry along with Sarah and her quest for a famiy. This informative, rollercoaster of emotions helps tell the story of IVF helped me understand how hard it is for couples trying to conceive. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Sarah.

Ms Lauren Brown, Founder of Lollaby, #Nannyboss.

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