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Finalist and Winner 2017 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award for first time authors

Winner 2017 Eric Hoffer Award (E-book Non Fiction Category)

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It is hard to be a woman in the modern world.  We are told we can have it all.  We can study, take on any profession we choose, build a career, marry, have a family, and keep building that career.  The juggle is delicate and sometimes the balance is hard to find.  We tend to marry later and more often than not, and actively choose to delay starting a family until we are well established in both our careers and our marriages.  More and more, professional women who have listened to society’s expectations and started down this path struggle when it comes to having a baby. 

Moving Beyond the Unspoken Grief achieves what most literature in this space fails to provide: both a heartfelt account of the IVF journey, and a clinical approach to describing the treatment processes and outcomes.  Dr Lnyy draws on her professional skills as a GP trained in shared care obstetrics to skilfully bring to light the reality of undergoing fertility treatment from a medical perspective while engaging the reader with her spiritual and emotional journey through the process.

While Dr Lnyy and her husband were fortunate enough to achieve their dreams of starting their own family, this book still provides a powerful reassurance and empathy for all women who experience fertility issues.  It takes women like Dr Lnyy speaking out in this public way to help normalise the reality of IVF in our everyday lives.  Maybe it’s affecting the woman at the desk next to you; maybe it’s affecting your best friend but she’s too heartbroken to open up to anyone about it.  This book gives society a valuable insight into the importance of understanding the emotional rollercoaster that fertility treatments can create, and allows us to develop greater tolerance and empathy for our fellow sisters as they engage on their quest for motherhood.

Mary Sheargold, Lawyer

Senior Associates at Prolegis Lawyers The Mac. Rob Foundaiton Limited

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